Custom Scripting

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Monsters
    1. Actions


Monsters, characters, spells and items in general all have very similar user interfaces so once you learn the basics it should be easy to pick up and learn the rest.

First of course you need to be logged in to store your home brew content under your own account. Only you will be able to edit the content but you have the option to publish it so anyone can use it.


You can create a new home brew monster a couple of ways (assuming you are logged in)

  1. On the compendium tab you can click the new monster button
  2. Select an existing entry in the table, right click and choose Copy Creature


Monsters and Items have one or more actions. Each action has a timing (main action, bonus action, legendary action etc) and usually but sometimes multiple attacks associated with it.

On the character sheet it condenses it somewhat to display a single line for the action + attack.

There are four different ways of getting into the details of the actions and attacks

  1. Click the sword icon to popup the Actions table.
  2. Click the word Actions to popup the Actions table.
  3. Click the first icon to directly jump to editing a specific Action
  4. Click the display to directly jump to editing a specific Attack