Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I create a player versus player fight?

Yes, search for a PC e.g. cleric3 and press the red button to add them to the monsters side.

Similarly you can add monsters to the player side using the green button.

  1. Can I create my own player characters

Yes, you need to register and login and then any of the following will work

  1. How do I create a multi attack action e.g. hits with spear and uses net

On the character sheet you want to

Multiple rows between the yellow lines along with the # incrementing means you are looking at an action with multiple attacks.

Naturally if you are just attacking twice with the same weapon, you don’t need to add an extra attack, just change the attack number of times properties.

  1. How do I create homebrew monsters

You need to register and login and then go the Compendium page and either

From their you can edit the creature as normal

  1. Has every monster been implemented with all their special traits?

Thats the percentage you see in the menu next to Compendium, when it is 100% then you know every single monsters special trait has been implemented.

Of course if you can’t wait, you can always copy a monster and add your own damage and special effects to get it close to the approximate power of what you need to test a party against.

If you are programmer you can do a lot with javascript to code all sorts of things, including things that don’t exist in any world.

In the New Fight search results there is a column for the testing status that you can filter on.

If you wave your mouse over the testing status icon, you can see notes on what is missing.

  1. Can I create a custom class

Absolutely, you can design and build your own Class Features (Spells tab, New Feature), assign spell like effects or buffs and bonuses to it.

If you know a little coding you write your own javascript to create new special effects.

  1. How do I make one side surprised

New Fight, select all the creatures on the side you want. Right click. Toggle surprised.

  1. How do I precast a spell before the battle starts?

On your player character sheet (or monsters sheet) there is a button to open the spell constraints.

Click on that and select which spells you want to cast before the first round.

The spells will be targetting at the player themselves. Summonings will work and most buffs that have a Condition and a condition duration.

You can also use that spot to - allow upcasting of specific spells - make a specific action or spell wait until a later round before being used - define a min nbr of targets hit by AOE actions or spells - limit how many times a particular spell is used - mark some spells as not to be used at all for now

  1. How do I have reinforcements appear part way through the battle

Click the blue icon to change the settings of a monster. Then click the link to enter which round they appear on. Monsters appear at the start of the round, so enter a value 2 or larger