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Arkyn Parwen     Quick ViewNeutralBard 3MLightfoot Halfling1d8+3 (6)132125
Artemis Entreri     Quick ViewFighter 11/Rogue 5MHuman1d4+7 (9)1714830
Aurlok BearchaserQuick ViewC.GoodBarbarian 8MGoliath2d6+7 (13)148540
Bartolomus BombardolusQuick ViewL.GoodPaladin 1MMountain Dwarf1d8+3 (7)181325
Bloom tenderQuick ViewN.GoodBard 10/Druid 10M1d4+2 (3)1518330
Dae AmarinQuick ViewC.NeutralRogue 2/Druid 1MWood Elf1d8+3 (8)142235
Dalil (Dayl/Tail)Quick ViewC.GoodDruid 2/Monk 1MWood Elf1d8+3 (7)162335
Drizzt Do'urden     Quick ViewFighter 13/Ranger 3M1d6+8 (11)1816230
Grog Strongjaw     Quick ViewC.NeutralBarbarian 9MGoliath1d12+4 (10)1711650
Harigg AxebeardQuick ViewNeutralDruid 8MHill Dwarf1d8+2 (5)227525
Histam IvalakovichQuick ViewL.NeutralFighter 8M2d6+15 (35)167630
Hugh 'Wolfhunter' Elarel     Quick ViewC.GoodBlood Hunter 2MHigh Elf1d6+3 (10)172330
Ingrid     Quick ViewRanger 4MHuman, Variant1d8+4 (8)153630
IsabellQuick ViewN.GoodCleric 8M1d4+1 (3)206130
Iuvenis SagittariusQuick ViewFighter 7MHuman, Variant1d6+14 (17)166730
KaivirQuick ViewN.GoodDruid 8M1d6+1 (4)156530
Kalar Abby     Quick ViewC.GoodMonk 3MWood Elf1d6+3 (6)162145
Keyleth     Quick ViewDruid 9MHalf-elf1d6+2 (5)126330
MackenzieQuick ViewC.GoodDruid 8M1d6+2 (4)156430
Nareth BannietelenQuick ViewNeutralArtificer 8MHigh Elf1d8+5 (9)217035
Percy     Quick ViewFighter 9MHuman2d12+6 (16)157430
Pike     Quick ViewCleric 9MDeep Gnome2d6 2d6 1d6+1 (4)206525
Qyira     Quick ViewC.NeutralRanger 3MHalf-elf1d8+3 (14)132930
Revna Galaradon     Quick ViewRogue 4MHuman1d8+4 (7)153130
Scanlan Shorthalt     Quick ViewBard 9MForest Gnome146625
Serrat     Quick ViewPaladin 4MHalf-elf1d6+4 (8)194030
Sutha of Blackrock     Quick ViewBarbarian 4MHalf-orc2d6+4 (7)154530
Teres Lixid     Quick ViewWarlock 3MTiefling152930
The wallQuick ViewL.NeutralPaladin 20M1d8+6 (10)2026430
Tiberius Stormwind     Quick ViewSorcerer 9MDragonborn168530
Vax'ildan     Quick ViewRogue 9MHalf-elf1d4+7 (9)165830
Vex'ahlia     Quick ViewN.GoodRanger 9MHalf-elf1d8+7 (11)196230
Vimek Bearguard Vathunatake     Quick ViewC.NeutralBarbarian 5MGoliath1d12+3 (8)134440
Wilkas Mistkeep IIQuick ViewC.GoodSorcerer 8MLightfoot Halfling1d4+6 (8)136025
Yesna     Quick ViewSorcerer 4MHuman, Variant1d10+3 (8)163030
Aarakocra1/4N.GoodMHumanoid1d4+2 (5)121320
Aarakocra Simulacra1/8N.GoodMHumanoid1d6+2 (5)12620
Abhorrent Overlord9L.EvilLFiend3d10 3d10 (32)1613630
Abjurer9MHumanoid1d6+1 (4)128430
AbolethQuick View10L.EvilLAberration3d6+5 (14)1713540
Abominable Yeti9C.EvilHMonstrosity10d8 (44)1513740
Abyssal Chicken1/4C.EvilTFiend1d4+2 1d6+2 (10)131030
Abyssal Wretch1/4C.EvilMFiend1d8+1 (4)111820
Acererak23N.EvilMUndead12d6 (40)2128530
AcolyteQuick View1/4MHumanoid1d4 (2)10930
Adult Blue Dracolich17L.EvilHUndead12d10 (65)1922540
Adult Kruthik2MMonstrosity1d6+3 1d4+3 (12)183940
Adult Oblex5L.EvilMOoze1d6+4 2d4 4d8 (30)147520
Aeorian Absorber10N.EvilLMonstrosity1d10+5 1d10 1d6+5 1d6 4d10 (53)1517140
Aeorian Nullifier12N.EvilLMonstrosity2d12+4 2d10 2d6+4 2d10 (53)1718040
Aeorian Reverser8N.EvilLMonstrosity1d12+5 1d12 1d6+5 2d6 (33)1513340
Aerisi Kalinoth7N.EvilMHumanoid1d6+6 (9)136630
Ahmaergo9L.EvilMHumanoid1d12+5 (12)1814325
Air ElementalQuick View5NeutralLElemental2d8+5 (13)159030
Air Elemental Myrmidon7NeutralMElemental4d8 1d8+4 (27)1811730
Akroan Hoplite3MHumanoid1d6+3 (5)185230
Alastrah0NeutralMGiant1d4+2 (2)10430
Albino Dwarf Spirit Warrior1MHumanoid1d6+1 (4)133025
Albino Dwarf Warrior1/4MHumanoid1d6+1 (4)133025
Al'chaia8L.EvilMHumanoid2d6+6 3d6 (24)189130
Aldani (Lobsterfolk)1L.NeutralMMonstrosity1d8+1 (5)144920
Alhoon10MUndead4d8+4 (22)1512030
Alkilith11C.EvilMFiend4d6+4 (17)1715740
Allip5L.EvilMUndead4d6+3 (16)134030
Allosaurus2LBeast2d10+4 (15)135160
Allowak Abominable Yeti9NeutralHMonstrosity10d8 (47)1513740
Allowak Yeti3NeutralLMonstrosity1d6+4 1d6 3d6 (22)125140
Almiraj0SBeast1d4+3 (5)13350
AlseidQuick View1C.GoodMFey1d10+4 (10)152230
Amber Golem10L3d8+6 (19)1717830
Ambush Drake1/2MDragon1d6+1 (4)132230
Ammalia Cassalanter5L.EvilMHumanoid1d6+1 (4)124530
Amnizu18L.EvilMFiend8d10 4d12 (69)2120230
Amphisbaena3HBeast2d6+4 (12)126030
Amrik Vanthampur3L.EvilMHumanoid1d4+4 (6)176630
Anarch1/4C.NeutralMHumanoid1d8+2 (5)131130
Anastrasya Karelova5N.EvilMUndead1d6+3 2d6 (13)158230
AndrosphinxQuick View17L.NeutralLMonstrosity8d10 (42)1719940
Animated ArmorQuick View1M1d6+2 (5)183325
Animated Halberd1/4S1d8+1 (5)151730
Animated Jade Serpent1/4MBeast1d4+4 (6)141130
Animated Knife1/8T1d8+1 (4)171250
Animated Statue of Lolth11H3d8+6 (17)1723030
Animated Table2L2d8+4 2d8 (21)153940
Animated Tile Chimera6C.EvilLMonstrosity2d6+4 1d12+4 2d6+4 (32)1411430
Animated Tree9HPlant4d10+6 (27)1613830
AnkhegQuick View2LMonstrosity3d6 (9)143930
Ankylosaurus3HBeast4d6+4 (18)156830
Ankylosaurus Zombie3HUndead4d6+4 (16)146820
Annis Hag6C.EvilLFey3d6+5 3d6+5 (37)177540
Anvilwrought Raptor1/2T1d4+3 (5)141810
ApeQuick View1/2MBeast1d6+3 (6)121930
Aphemia5C.EvilMMonstrosity2d4+3 3d8 2d6+3 (32)155220
Apprentice Wizard1/4MHumanoid1d4 (2)10930
Aquatic Ghoul1C.EvilMUndead2d4+2 (7)122230
Aquatic Troll5C.EvilLGiant1d6+4 2d6+4 (18)158430
Arabelle0L.NeutralMHumanoid1d4 (2)10230
Arasta21N.EvilHMonstrosity3d8+7 3d6+7 (37)1930040
Arcanaloth12N.EvilMFiend2d4+3 (8)1710430
ArchdruidQuick View12MHumanoid1d6+2 (5)1613230