Version 4.03 Fixes

  • • Ongoing fixes logged by users on the sim page.

Version 4.02 Fixes

  • • Ongoing fixes logged by users on the sim page.

Version 4.01 Fixes

  • • Ongoing fixes logged by users on the sim page.

Version 4.0 Mobile Friendly User Interface

  • • New Fight page rewritten to be mobile friendly.
  • • Fixed an issue with buffs cause by the changes.

Version 3.53 Draggable Simulator Grid

  • • When watching one fight turn by turn you can drag the grid
  • • Press F5 to reset the page.
  • • Fixed an issue with mulitple enemies caused by the implementation.
  • • Added button to report/log an issue for a particular turn when walking through the simulator sample page.
  • • Simulation page is faster now for slower networks.

Version 3.52 Manual Movement API

  • • API that allows you do manually move your characters on each turn and choose actions
  • • The dice rolls, spell effects, everything remains automated.
  • • There is an experimental button on the new fight page for testing.

Version 3.51 Subclass Work

  • • Many subclasses completed up to level 3, and will be picked as you add randoms
  • • Tournaments will pick up a modified grid size (from the New Fight settings).
  • • Compendium toolbar buttons to quickly pull up your characters or monsters.
  • • Turn Undead is finally implemented.
  • • Wild shape is pretty cool now, especially if you are a moon druid.
  • • Fixed some missing Spell DC/attack values.
  • • Filtering the compendium by player level does it properly now for multiclass
  • • Since ranged casters are avoiding melee more, melee fighters now use dash on the last opponent

Version 3.50 Huge STRIPS AI Planning

  • • Decision making for movement, bonus actions, actions, healing instead of being made in isolation are made together using:
  • • STRIPS (Stanford Research Institute Problem Solver).
  • • Please report issues on Discord caused by this implementation as it affected a lot of code.
  • • Large creatures are now 4 squares in size and Huge are 9 squares.
  • • Distance is now measured to the nearest square of those bigger creatures.
  • • Placement, movement is careful to prevent large creatures from overlapping.
  • • Cone breath weapon fixes.
  • • Dragons multiattack mix of long range fear and melee works better now.
  • • You set set initiative (right click or player settings).
  • • Druids get the creature speed while transformed.
  • • You can mark spells that can be cast but don’t use spell slots on the spell limitations section.

Version 3.48 Tournaments & Elo Rating

  • - Monsters and player characters have an Elo Rating which was derived from millions of fights in the background.
  • - This number on the Compendium tab is an individual PvP or Monster vs Monster fights.
  • - You can click on the number and a popup will display all the fights that creature fought to arrive at that rating.
  • - Similarly, on the tournaments page, you can create your own Swiss-System Tournament by creating teams of one or more creatures.
  • - The compendium search is on the left with a button to click and create a new team with each monsters or a button which will add the monster to the last team you created.
  • - You could use this to emulate a tournament in your D&D world, or perhaps you want to see who is the strongest holy avenger.

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